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Whether you’re looking for an online payment solution for your great new idea, or want to add seuva as an additional payment method on your website, seuva is here to help every step of the way. Short for ideas? Remember, there’s a lot of crypto value out there, and not a lot of ways to make reliable purchases for things we want and need.
Do something old and tested in the newest forefront economy with seuva.

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How seuva Works for buyers
Step 1

A customer makes a purchase, selecting seuva Pay at checkout.

Step 2

Seuva Pay generates a purchase code the customer copies to their clipboard.

Step 3

Customer logs in to using a bookmark for

Step 4

Customer pastes the purchase code from the merchant site into “purchase pending” box - then confirms. That’s it - all done.

Why Not Use Pop Ups?

To protect our users, seuva is built to reduce vulnerabilities. We centralise transactions within our framework to reduce any possible breaches that could theoretically occur between distributed lines of communication, such as a network of APIs that request login information.

Seuva’s team is well aware of the mounting phishing scams online. In wanting to eliminate as much of the risk and susceptibility to imitation seuva buttons, seuva decided on a strict policy to never use links that produce eventuate with requiring users to sign in.

Crypto transactions are irreversible, and so seuva protects users by ensuring transactions are genuine and within our network or escrow system long enough for any abnormalities to be detected and disputed.

**Beyond our rigid system of payment and guidelines, customers who ignore our guidelines can and will be susceptible to phishing scams.

Seuva cannot and will not take responsibility for actions taken and administered beyond our network or control, and we offer no service of compensation or guaranteed standards of assistance regarding the aftermath of falling pray to imitation websites. Please bookmark our page, and check our merchant list to guarantee your selected vendor is a seuva merchant.

We are building our system in synchronicity with game changers.
We’re running our beta tests within the complex systems of A Bit Bazaar and in support of The Boring Initiative, as initiated by Boring Mart. You might’ve heard of these two organisations just yet, but this time next year, we predict strongly a focal shift.

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