ANAVA is the nervous system of seuva. ANAVA stands for API Network Anti-Volatility Arbitrage and works using an extensive network of API which sends data to a series of networked nodes running algorithms translating the data into orchestrated protocols. The same API Network also sends data to Seuva Pay nodes which translate into a fluctuating price of CCB which will shift relative to $USD values, allowing merchants to create stable fiat prices for their products. Both prices will be visible to customers, however CCB will be the only currency accepted by the network.

This development protects merchants (to some degree) against volatility, but ANAVA also has a secondary function in reducing volatility through calculated arbitrage executed in orchestration to reduce price fluctuation. The purpose of this function is to suppress dangerous spikes in value which may precede ‘dumps’ of CCB after CCB reaches $0.10 per CCB, and to construct pricing floors that will protect against devastating price drops which may threaten the stability of the network and turn merchants away from cryptocurrency payments.

The Anti-Volatility Arbitrage function is being simulated currently and is estimated to be released late in 2018, but will require a CCB price of $0.10 as such a price will represent extensive use cases meaning beta tests will represent a deep enough user base to prove the functionality of ANAVA. The future development of the ANAVA bot system is thought to include an AI element of machine learning making calculations based on human developed algorithm protocols, and will record how the market responds, producing alternate functions that would have greater benefits to the CCB price stability. Over time better algorithms can be developed and initiated.