Seuva hopes to repress price growth while using the holdings from repressed price growth to then repress price falls. But this won’t be controlled by Seuva itself, ANAVA bot will require CCB holders to ‘stake’ their CCB by downloading the ANAVA bot and following the instructions on their launched platform. Their CCB exchange wallets will then be accessed to trade their CCB holdings, as deemed fit, which will systematically increase the overall value of their CCB while they’re not using their holdings to make purchases.

In some ways, ANAVA will serve as the first interest earning crypto bank if the market doesn’t cash out - but that’s why we couple this system with expanded resource accessibility for crypto, and for CCB in particular. Why dump your holdings if you can use them to power your home? Buy your family clothes? Or even buy basic food and groceries? Seuva, over the next 2 years, will find out.