Seuva escrow ensures you get what you pay for.

When something goes wrong with your eligible transaction, seuva escrow has you covered. Get a full refund if an eligible order isn’t correctly described or doesn’t arrive at your doorstep.

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180 days to let us know.

If your order doesn’t arrive or match the seller’s description, you have 180 days to raise your concerns with us, so we can help you.
Here are some scenarios:

  • You received a completely different item.
  • You purchased two items, but received one.
  • An item is defective but not immediately obvious.
  • You bought the original, but received a counterfeit.
Custom made.

Have your custom made, leather dancing boots failed to make it to your door? We’re listening. We understand that custom made items are unique, often expensive and may take a longer time for delivery than ‘off the shelf’ items. Therefore we are extending Seuva Buyer Protection to include eligible custom made items.

A simple checklist.

Here are a few things you need to do to be eligible for Buyer Protection:

  • Pay for your item with Seuva.
  • Pay in a single payment.
  • Keep your account in good standing.
  • Lodge a dispute within 180 days of payment.
“We just opened our first restaurant in rural Sumbawa (Indonesia). There isn’t any phone lines we can use for merchant facilities (Visa, Mastercard). Exchange fees in traditional online payment systems cut too far into our margins and force us to charge customers almost double for a meal. I’m introducing seuva Pay as an alternative payment, ‘cos we still get network out here. Let’s see how it goes. I’m also learning a bit about cryptocurrency, which I find quite an interesting concept in itself.”
- Cahyo Samawa, Rumah Kebun Taliwang Cuisine, Taliwang, Sumbawa, Indonesia.
We’ve got your back.Protecting you from checkout to delivery.
Refunds for incorrect orders

If an order doesn’t arrive or match the seller’s description, we’ll reimburse the full cost for eligible purchases.

$0 liability

If you’re charged for something you didn't purchase, tell us. We’ll secure your account and investigate.

Resolution support

If you have problems with a purchase or you’re concerned about suspicious activity, identity theft or phishing, report your suspicions.

“I used to sell soaps, bath bombs, bath salts - beauty fragrance products basically - if I had’ve been making sales in Bitcoin two or three years ago I’d have become a millionaire by now. Instead, I’m turning back the clock. Getting back into e-commerce and using seuva for my default payment gateway, with fiat as the alternative option. E-commerce is a side business, so what I earn from it I can pretty much save. I’m going to save CCB and see where it goes. I hope to learn and prosper from my previous mistake.”

- Fernanda Pires

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