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You don’t need an online store to start earning with seuva. Become a seuva Partner to start generating your own passive income today. Just sign up to start sharing your seuva Partner link however you want. Bulk email it to your contacts, send it as a text, or share it through social media. The point is, it doesn’t matter how traffic stumbles upon your seuva link. If they click it and sign up, we’re going halves with you in the total gross earnings of their paid seuva fees. All of your sign ups, all of their transactions, until May 18th 2019.
All they have to do is click your link. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

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The crypto market is global. Reap incredible benefits.

The further you go, the faster you are, the better you select your demographic, the more sign ups you’ll produce. Our goal is to reach 100,000 customers this December and 30,000 merchant stores before May 2019.

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How Seuva helps commerce.
A Cryptocurrency Payment Solution.

Seuva helps everyone sell from their house to anywhere across the world. Convenience. Simplicity. The smallest fees in existence.

Expanding operations means expanding trust.

Seuva is aiming big. We haven’t confirmed a fiat to crypto option as yet, but we’re working on it. If we can reach a duality system, we will become the only system of our kind. As we reach more users, process more successful transactions, we’ll gain more trust.

Automated security through Escrow.

Clients are advised to protect themselves by requiring Escrow in their default settings.

Frequently asked questions.

The Seuva Partner Program is a free membership program that enables early seuva believers and adopters access to the early profits generated from seuva’s subsequent adoptions, that their individual confidences help to generate.

It will help generate greater earning potential in three ways:

  • Increase your demographic access to half a trillion dollars worth of online commercial value in the cryptocurrency markets.
  • Earn in an obscure unused cryptocurrency early during the initial stages of Seuva’s adoption. Before seuva’s adoption becomes more widespread, stimulating organic rise in the demand of the underlying cryptocurrency you’ve been earning in great quantities comparative to future values.
  • Receive the benefits of pioneering a new arm of an ongoing and dedicated movement in commerce.

A strong social media following and strong belief in the future of cryptocurrency backed commerce. Initiative and a desire to succeed are all you need to get started.

Anyone can join the seuva partner program. All you need to do is join seuva and sign up for your own seuva Partner link. Share in online or in person. The more widespread seuva adoption goes, the more useful seuva will become, creating a positive feedback loop simultaneously reducing volatility. If you believe in seuva, you’re on the team.

No. Seuva’s fundamental solution is circumventing traditional barriers of international commerce.

It’s free to join our Partner Program. Get started today.

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