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Minimum Fees

It costs nothing to pay with Seuva, and you’ll only be charged a fee of 0.1% When you sell something or request a Payment.

Escrow Protection

Your product never arrived? Select ‘escrow only’ in your settings, and only buy from escrow participating merchants. Enjoy peace of mind.

Earn Commission

For the first 12 months of seuva, earn 0.5% of purchases made by people who Sign Up after following your link. Click ‘Partners’ for more information.

Always Protected

Seuva is investing majority earnings into building the most secure online payment system that exists. Already protected by blockchain Technology, Seuva is stepping it up, again & again.

It's as easy as 1,2,3
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Signing up for your very own seuva account is easy and free.

02.Transfer Your CCB

Transfer CCB to your personal Wallet for convenient online shopping.

03.Choose Seuva at Checkout

Use seuva and you know your transactions & purchases are safe. Never need to turn crypto into fiat again.

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$ 30.00 USD (300 CCB)

Payment for the love rose bouq...

Pay someone across the world, or right in front of you.

All you need is a seuva linked email address to send cross-border payments to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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Seuva is expanding into POS systems by 2019, in the meantime, seuva is so simple any online store can use it.
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Seuva offers solutions for you to get paid easily and more securely using crypto, however you do business - on your online store or directly via email.

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