Seuva makes selling on social media possible.

If you’re selling on social media platforms, seuva’s embedding link and system makes it possible for you to close the deal without driving traffic to your browser website.Learn how.

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Blockchain reliable

Buyers and merchants are growing to trust blockchain technology more and more, everyday.

Escrow secure

Escrow options to protect you against fraudulent transactions, or for simple peace of mind when dealing with new acquaintances.

Better Protection

We’re working everyday to make seuva Pay more secure than it already is. Adding layers of security for anyone you’re selling to and buying from. Our business plan is designed to make sure everyone involved in a transaction is as secure as possible. Key focus as we develop our products, will be systematic security.


It’s quick and easy to set up. Seuva’s simplicity is unprecedented in the space of crypto and we plan to work around the clock to keep it that way. For now, manage your account on the go, making it possible for you to start earning crypto right away. Things are easier, with seuva.

Get paid anywhere, including social media platforms.

With, you can avoid building a website all together or setting up payment options. Simply create a personalised link and share it with your customers to get paid. It’s that easy.

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$ 50
David Larusso

Payment for the love rose bouq...

Quick and simple to start.

No need to build an online shop and incorporate payment options. In just 4 steps you can create your very on link. That makes it easier for customers to remember your brand as well.

Turn every interaction into closed deals.

Close sales right away, even during your online conversations with customers. Share your link with them via chat apps or instant messengers to get paid. No need to send them to your browser storefront to complete the transaction.

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Get paid the crypto way.

Easy, Safe, Untraceable. OK, blockchain is traceable, and we aren’t here promoting illegal money transfers. However, in a world where privacy has been commandeered and placed at the waist side, we believe customers should at least have the option to make transactions for legal and harmless goods and services, without Big Brother. CCB is a visible blockchain forked from forks of Bitcoin, but seuva has plans to up the ante in regards to privacy as we enter alpha stage v2.0 (coming 2019-2020).

How to request a payment?
01. Create a customized link

Enter your desired username to create your personalised link. For example:

02. Share your link

Share your link with the amount appended with your customers to request a payment. For example, use to request a CCB payment equal to $35.55

03.Get paid

Customers click the link, log in to seuva and complete the payment. The payment shows up in your seuva account shortly after it’s sent.

Straightforward pricing.
No account, set-up or cancellation fees. We charge a set rate of 0.1% on the gross amount of whatever you sell.

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Grab your business opportunities.
Build trust and expand customer base with seuva

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