Online Invoicing API pricing - A complete solution for payment requests in crypto.

Send professional invoices or a simple payment request to bill your customers using a derivative value measured in fiat, meaning the volatility in the market won’t affect your bottom line at the time of payment. No setup is needed. So whether you provide a service or sell goods, have a website or not, it’s quick and reliable to get paid in crypto.

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Why use seuva?
Get direct payments

You can get paid directly for goods or freelance services.

Build trust in your business

Seuva is the answer to dealing in a Wild West market of extreme volatility.

Secure payments faster

Once your customer sends a payment, it registers as transferred in minutes to seconds.

Creating an invoice and getting paid is easy.

Create or pick a template & select the derivative currency value


Email your customer the invoice link, and a copy to others if needed.


Your customer can pay you using seuva or any other means.

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Your simple and complete payment tool.
Track your payments
  • View your invoice history
  • Track unpaid invoices
  • Know the blockchain
Free up your time
  • Create customised invoice templates
  • Send an invoice to multiple customers at once
  • Save PDFs of all your invoices
Sell internationally
  • Accept payments from any country*
  • Reach a multi-trillion dollar dual industry
  • Get paid from anyone anywhere
  • New languages introduced bi-weekly

*seuva is not aware of or keeping track of specific regional laws governing all nations, world wide or otherwise. We apologise if a particular nation is unable to access seuva and would love to hear of the reasons for obstruction. By saying “accept payments from any country” seuva is referring to our own infrastructure and platform limitations, of which there are none from a technical standpoint that seuva has initiated regarding border based discrimination of access.

Seuva is launching initially in English. But we are a platform tackling a global requirement.

Budget and time restraints relative - we wish to introduce an extended language option as often as possible - aiming at a language a month from July 2018. But this isn’t a promise.

Legal translations can be delayed beyond our control, and we’re quite busy building a multi-faceted business as it is. However, as part of the challenge we’ve taken to, we aim to expand our browser and platform operating systems into the following major languages of Cryptocurrency and e-commerce by August 2019.

English, 普通話, 廣東話, tiếng việt, Bahasa melayu, Русский язык, español, português, italiano, ภาษาไทย, français, Deutsch, Nederlands, suomi, 한국어, 日本語, हिन्दी, עברית.

Invoicing APIs with ANAVA

Thanks to ANAVA invoicing in crypto was never easier or more reliable. Use seuva powered by ANAVA to create & send invoices, and regardless of the changes in the market value of CCB (seuva’s trading currency) your invoice will charge the derivative currency value in CCB, protecting your bottom line and your customer’s.
Customers can view their invoice on seuva’s website, and log into their seuva accounts to make the payment.

Use invoicing with ANAVA

157.26 MYR

Payment for the love rose bouq...

Send a payment request.

You can also choose to send a request via email. All you need is an email address to get paid. Customers can also send you payments from their seuva account with just your registered email address. Check out partners to see how requesting payments through seuva from non-users can earn you extra income in CCB.

Request a payment.

Simple invoice pricing.
Creating and sending an invoice is free. You’ll pay a small fee only when you receive an online payment.

More about seller fees.

Get crypto easily.

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