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Now you can pay locally or internationally using crypto, with ease and peace of mind. From anywhere you happen to be. All you need is the recipient’s wallet or seuva address. Pay direct through the blockchain (miner’s fees) or within our network (no miner’s fee). If they’re new to seuva, they can create an account quickly and for free.

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How to send a crypto payment?

Enter the recipient’s email address or mobile number, and the amount in what currency We calculate the equivalent in CCB.


Select who pays the 0.1% fee. Confirm.


Track your spending. You’ll be notified whenever you make a transaction.

It’s free to send payments.

You don’t need to pay a transaction fee when you send payments using seuva. The recipient is charged, unless you’d like to. At seuva the default setting charges the recipient our low prices of 0.1%, but we offer flexibility here in case it really should be the sender paying the fee. At these rates, we doubt anyone will really care anyway.

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Every payment can reward.

Share your partner link and anyone who signs up following that link will earn you 50% of seuva’s 0.1% transaction fee whenever we charge them, straight to your seuva account until May 18th 2019. It’s that easy.

Send payments from your mobile.

Sign up for seuva news and receive updates on our POS system. Seuva app will allow merchants and users to sell, receive and confirm from their mobile. Another way seuva is making crypto convenient.

Send crypto to anyone, anywhere, anytime - instantly.

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