Seuva is changing the way you pay in a big way.

Many others have tried to develop the cryptocurrency answer to paypal, but none have looked at tackling the problem in the same way as seuva.

Bringing simplicity, convenience and security to the crypto space seuva is proudly going where no solution has gone before. The original launch is centred around e-commerce solutions, but the online market is just the beginning.

Seuva is a revolutionary payment solution disrupting the biggest industry of them all - commerce.

Yes, that’s what bitcoin and blockchain was proposed to do also - or was it?

Short answer - Not really. Bitcoin is a fundamental part of that goal, however, BTC is a digital commodity asset, in other words, an underlying store of value. Think of bitcoin as the binary of electronic commerce. The underlying code of value. Value that isn’t derived from tangible physical elements - seuva is the crypto commerce system that operates on top of bitcoin, something like early fiat currency networks leveraged against gold, where bitcoin is the derivative and CCB is the currency.

The first easy to use payment gateway accepting a specific cryptocurrency for simplicity and reduced volatility. Seuva is the first cryptocurrency solution with real plans and strategies for tackling the volatility and adoption issues impeding crypto. In other words, seuva is the fundamental step needed to develop social consensus toward stimulating crypto usage toward a realm of normity transcending the outdated inefficient State sanctioned false derivate model, lifting crypto to a position of the better system of online and offline commerce.

Seuva is running on an obscure Cryptocurrency, rather than developing an ICO. Why?

In short, legislation.

Our payment system operates within specific technical schematics that utilise an optional system of escrow as the setting default for merchants and shoppers.

Version 1.0 to 2.0 will operate trades of consensus using CCB (Cryptoclub Coin) as part of our security and sustainability compliance solution plan.

Seuva is what exactly?

We are a functioning platform entering beta stages preparing for alpha release.

Seuva is an online, easy to use, easy to embed payment plugin solution for e-commerce, and later POS.

Seuva has clients

For the beta release, seuva is being ghost tested by a multitude of up and coming online businesses. Following the integration of seuva with anava, seuva will expand its customer base to include some very powerful clients and affiliates as part of The Boring Initiative.

We don’t stop at online shopping

Seuva understands that true adoption requires total adoption. Our business model begins online and then continues forward, with estimates of reaching brick and mortar commerce in 2019/2020.

Seuva understands that a sustainable adoption requires total adoption. Not necessarily all storefronts, but certainly all stages of industry.

The only way to go up, is Vertically

Seuva’s role in The Boring Initiative is relatively central. Beginning with online stores, our next target is wholesalers and manufacturers, but the best way to get to them, is food and vegetables. For more information, follow the food and vegetables link, or just read the whole damn thing at

The real deal?

Seuva emerged from a desire to produce beneficial socioeconomic landscapes, resulting in a savings economy rather than a debt economy.

Concerns extending to avoidable human waste to governmental corruptions, are miniscule or even vague representations of the complexities seuva wishes to subtly address through proper blockchain integration into mainstream commerce. Seuva is a fundamental element of The Boring Initiative.

How deflation will bring about socioeconomic and environmental changes

Intentional inflation has long been regarded as an essential component of a growing economy. Inflation equates to long standing economic stimulation. The suggestion being that increasing comparative value in base resources produces a consumer urgency that translates into consistent and reliable purchaser forecasting. From the same motif, it should then be suggestive that this type of causal would also play a key role in producing exponential and unnecessary human waste, through incentivising the production of short term products.

At seuva, we believe mankind can do better.

“We believe that industries should be concerned by the longevity of a product as well as its ecological repercussions following production, usage and expiration; as well as a product’s longevity before becoming obsolete, leading to pointless waste - Rather than a manufacturer’s key concerns extending solely to percentages of short-term market share in order to remain competitive. The estimated best way to bridge the incompatible focuses of competitive market share wandith avoiding pointless human waste is through a means of commerce that actually extends its value as time progresses, making for more calculated purchases from the customer to the distributor to the manufacturer, all the way to the suppliers of the base materials. Inflation was allegedly needed to fuel the industrial revolution, but we’ve evolved beyond that phase of unavoidable scarcity, and we require evolutions in commerce to meet the changing of humanity’s needs. (The Theory of Future Value - The Boring Initiative). (link to

Beyond Borders

Seuva will prosper those immediately wishing to save in transaction fees, and seuva partners wishing to promote our project. As trading with offshore clients and merchants has never been cheaper in both percentages and difficulty, seuva is working toward making globalised commerce comparable and compatible with domestic commerce, conveniently.

Seuva Core Values - “What We’re Really Doing”

The true goal of Seuva is to reduce the monopoly fiat currencies have over commerce. It goes without saying that an industry left free of competition causes corruption that only monopolisation could render. Healthy competition forces improvements in any and all industries, we believe that infrastructure of commerce should be no different. So, we’re building the alternative.

Usability within alternative avenues of commerce is just seuva’s small role in realising the overall goals of The Boring Initiative.

We Are Looking To See What Can Happen

By offering security and a great solution for commerce, user adoption will be the world’s way of voting ‘yes’ for crypto and freedom in commerce. We believe market voting is the only true and real form of democratic realisation measuring acceptance and preference.

Then I Saw the interface, Now I’m a Believer!

We believe that technology is entering a forefront wherein governments won’t be required to the same magnitude that enables them to produce incessant propaganda regimes that mask their undertakings. We believe strongly that a government is still required, but with diluted control. As such, our goals are not to unhinge or destabilise the governments that exist, but merely hold them accountable by offering alternatives to their socioeconomic system, diluting the necessity of individual participation in their economic matrix.

By offering an opt out system of participation, seuva as part of The Boring Initiative look rather to enhance existing governmental developments by instilling market enforced requirements by fractalising their monopoly. The consumers will make the call regarding whether or not a system is the best by utilising fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

We Are Preparing For Institutional Disruption

To circumvent governmental disruption, we have steered clear of ERC20 tokens or any kind of ICO. Instead we’re building around a single node crypto ledger that was distributed without commercial exchange.

Seuva should maintain as a growing alternative.


Seuva is an API driven price stability platform powered by ANAVA & utilising the online blockchain ledger of CCB (Cryptoclub Coin). Combining the security of escrow with the universal usability of cryptocurrencies to build the bridges necessary for a truly free world of commerce that is needed for modern day globalised society.

Seuva transactions, unlike SWIFT, will cost the merchant or the consumer as little as 0.1% each per transaction. Buy and sell with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Easy and simple to use, merchants sign up to seuva, provide some information relative to their products (CSV), install the plugin to their shopping cart, and begin trading.

To sell or make purchases for goods or services using Seuva simply sign up for an account, follow the prompts, send any CCB holdings that you’d like to spend to your seuva wallet and you’re ready to enter the world of crypto commerce.