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Seuva is all about living free and off the grid. There are a hundred different ways to get paid for work rendered in the freelance market, so what is seuva doing that’s different? Well, to begin with, the lowest percentage transfer fees that we’re aware of in the industry total. But what else? Well, invoicing and invoice management using ANAVA, as well as automated volatility protection through the derivative value system. So what are you waiting for? Put the free back into freelance, with seuva. Simple. Easy. Functional.

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Get direct and easy payments from customers
Get paid with a link

Send customers your customized link wherever you talk to them - in an email, over skype, or even in snail-mail - and get paid as soon as they pursue the link and sign into seuva.

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Get paid by email without customizing a link

Select invoicing with ANAVA to quickly and simply generate invoices requesting payments from your debtors and customers. They can also send you a payment by simply entering your registered seuva email address and the amount. Unlike other crypto payment systems, seuva records invoices sent and funds collected in response to sent invoices - protecting everyone involved - making things easier, simpler and smoother.

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Find work easily on online marketplaces. But wait, there’s more.
Advertise your services offering seuva as an acceptable means of payment using your partners link. Shoppers who follow your link and sign up will earn you a revived and rising cryptocurrency, just by using our services, whether they contact you, hire you or not.
We don’t just make accepting crypto payments easier.
By proxy, we are doing something else.

There’s a whisper alluding that a rising demand of a finite resource will increase the value of that resource. Find out why we chose a dead, obscure cryptocurrency for our underlying trading currency, and what our decision could mean for early adopters.