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With seuva you can shop at any store that has joined our network of cutting edge online storefronts, without ever leaving your crypto world behind. Check out quickly, securely, straight from your trading desk. With just an email address and password, crypto was never easier.

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How shopping online works.

Shop around the world. Just look for the seuva Pay button


Speed through the checkout, select seuva Pay, a buyer’s code will be generated, copy it.


Go to, and login, (this is to protect buyers from phishing scams).


Shop around the world. Just look for the seuva Pay button

Be part of the Crypto Revolution and buy from up & coming worldwide brands and storefronts, launching in 2018.

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1 FREE night in any 3-5 star rated room when booking 2 nights or more.

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$832 Billion USD was the peak market cap of 2018 for cryptocurrency.
$2.8 Trillion USD is the estimated e-commerce sales forecast for 2018.
Join us in these two markets.

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Enjoy Escrow Protection
Protected purchases

We select ‘only buy escrow’ to protect you from the risk of unfulfilled orders. Simply dispute your order to begin the refund process.

Blockchain protection

We can track any losses through the blockchain. CCB is a very limited cryptocurrency in use cases (seuva will be the first functional use case we’re aware of in the coin’s 4 year history). As such a thief's options for washing CCB through an exchange pool are extremely limited. Until we expand the network into a greater expanse of trading nodes, there will be prime conditions for developing automated blockchain tracking.

Crypto just got fast.
Tap the seuva button. Make speedy purchases using CCB.

Seuva is available for simple integration onto most websites around the world.

We didn’t speed up the blockchain. We simplified the system.

Seuva operates all transactions within a single high powered node. Like how an exchange works.

“I plan to buy and sell electronics as soon as I can using only seuva. I’ll have no worries, even if it’s electronics with screens and motherboards. If I select the ‘escrow only’ in the merchant portal, or in my buyer portal, my purchases will be protected until delivered to me, and my customers will have peace of mind when buying.”

Bao, & co-founder and web-designer.